Eat This, Not That! by David Zinczenco and Matt Goulding and Grilled Greek Chicken!

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Eat This, Not That!

I discovered this book when perusing my local library shelves. It’s a new version of the book (the 2011 edition) but this has been updated each year since 2007. I only just discovered it. This book is entertaining in a can’t-look-away-from–the-accident aspect. You’ll be horrified at the calorie and fat content in some popular restaurants. Yeah, yeah..we all know how bad restaurant food is but once you get the scoop on the choices that seemed like the healthier choices…you will be sorely disappointed, yet educated, once you visit these restaurants again.

Applebees’s restaurant offers a grilled shrimp and spinach salad. That sounds like a healthy choice. Alas.

It’s a fun book but there are many things that are just not proper comparisons. An example is the Molten Chocolate Cake served at Chilli’s Restaurant. They give the recipe stating you can save 710 calories by making it at home vs. Chili’s version. Well, Chili’s version may well be 1,070 calories in comparison to the provided recipe which works out to be 360 calories. BUT (and this is a big but) the photo of Chili’s Molten Chocolate cake has a large scoop of ice cream with drizzled chocolate sauce (there looks to be a caramel sauce as well). THAT is not a dead on comparison.

Nor is the Poor Man’s Steak a fair comparison. This one claims to save you 702 calories. The Poor Man’s Steak is ground sirloin or chuck with cremini mushrooms but they are comparing it to Outback Steakhouse Filet with Wild Mushroom Sauce. 220 calories vs 922 calories. But one is Filet Mignon. Seriously – these aren’t even the same meals so please don’t make a side-by-side comparison.

Overall I enjoyed looking through the book. One of the recipes I copied to try was the Greek Chicken. This is their recommended choice over Applebee’s Fiesta Lime Chicken. Greek Chicken is supposedly 395 calories vs. the Applebee’s dish which is 1,160. There are a few more recipes I plan to try and I’ll link back to this post when that is accomplished.

Details for the Greek Chicken recipe may be found at Squirrel Head Manor.

I am placing this review on Goodreads and LibraryThing.

Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Eat This, Not That! by David Zinczenco and Matt Goulding and Grilled Greek Chicken!

  1. I did go check out your Greek chicken; sure sounds and looks healty good. It doesa sound like a fun book; but not too many of them where I live. Hope all is good with you.Rita


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