Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl

I finished Reading Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl and immediately copied half of the recipes in the book.

This is my first Ruth Reichl book and I liked it quite a bit. I’m usually attracted to books about food and restaurants, behind the scenes stuff and recipes included are a bonus. Ruth is the known for being an editor at Gourmet magazine and a food critic. If you are in the restaurant business then you know what the critics look like. You have their photo posted in the kitchen most likely so they will get the star treatment.

In Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth disguises her appearance so she will get a true impression of the food and service quality. There are many hilarious scenes where she can view what’s going on in the restaurant and the wait staff pay her no mind, as she is just another diner. The Windows of the World restaurant experience was well written – very funny.

It’s clear Ruth has a passion for food and shares this in her reviews of the food and service. Good memoir, I would certainly read another of Ruth’s books.

THIS is a combination of three recipes.

We love Nigella’s Brandied Bacon chicken. And we also love Jamie Oliver’s Lemony Roasted chicken with the crispy roasted potatoes. Combine those two with Ruth Reichl’s Roast chicken with potatoes, Onions and Garlic from the chapter A Frugal Repast For Betty.

Details on Squirrel Head Manor.

I am placing this review on Goodreads, LibraryThing with Reading Challenge 2012

More info!

Ruth Reichl
Ruth on Twitter

Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl

  1. I came {this close} to posting about Gourmet and Ruth Reichel a few days ago. The anniversary of Gourmet would have been on January 16th. (first published in 1941) I've also been dying to hear about this book! That's it, I've added it to my list but probably won't get to it until my Idaho trip in May (I know, shame on me)Thanks for the review, Tina. It's on my list!!!P.S. Is this a new blog of yours? It's my first time here. I "likey."


  2. Hi Louise. First off, take the book with you to Idaho and what all will you be doing there?!This blog was started January of 2011. It's my book blog…just for fun 🙂


  3. I'll be off to Idaho to attend my grandchildren's dance recital late April or early May. I usually go out there once a year. (which is not enough) I'll be bringing the book for sure. Last year I brought Epicurean Delight: The Life and Times of James Beard by Evan Jones. Although a good read, there was little humor (so I found) I imagine Ruth's will be more entertaining. Thanks Tina. Isn't Bike Week soon???Have FUN with your new blog!!!


  4. What a GREAT idea, Tina. In all my years of going, I've never taken any "blogging" pictures of Idaho. I think I'll try to do that this year while the kids are in school. And, I'll try to get a shot of the delicious Bear Stew I enjoy while I'm there. (It's at the restaurant right next to my favorite casino:)


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