Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

This is the third book I have read by Anthony Bourdain. Another Thumbs Up rating – he never disappoints. Bourdain goes off on rants about subjects close to his heart – obviously the food industry, covering everything from celebrity chefs, Food Network, traveling and people in general. You know, the idiotic things people do that have you just shaking your head.

One example – he is at a book signing for Medium Raw and fans of Kitchen Confidential (young fans I may add) drop off joints of marijuana or packets of coke, discreetly slipped into Bourdain’s belongings. Really? Common sense takes a day off.

He makes it clear the days of drug use and abuse are long in the past and it concerns him that some fans of Kitchen Confidential focus on the partying aspects.

Oh, and his diatribe on Alice Waters is priceless. The way he writes you can hear him speaking to you. Not the perfect sentence structure but ordinary conversational style writing.

The sections where he talks about his daughter, the chapter “I’m dancing”, clearly tells where his head is now. His priorities.

This is another honest memoir where he takes full responsibility for any past mistakes with alcohol, drugs, business dealings, etc. and moved on to a better life.

I loved this book.

There is just so much you could be inspired to make after reading one of Bourdain’s books so I offer you an appie. Camembert stuffed baked mushrooms over at Squirrel Head Manor.

Adding my review to Beth Fish Reads for her Weekend Cooking Series.

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10 thoughts on “Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain

  1. I’m a big fan of his writing too. I somehow missed or just didn’t take to his TV shows, but I’m definitely a fan of his books. Those mushrooms look awesome!


  2. I’ve seen him on TV, but never read any of his books — you’ve made me want to check out this memoir. Thanks for the review and mushroom recipe :).


  3. I love Anthony Bourdain on TV, so I’m sure I’d like his writing (well, I’ve read his short work, I think, and liked it…). This sounds like a great insight into his priorities and work-life balance. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I read this book but have yet to write anything up about it. I really liked that he recognized the hard work that the “undesirables” in our society do to make delicious, gourmet food a reality for us.


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