Gallows View by Peter Robinson

This is the first book I have read by Peter Robinson and I can tell you, I am a fan of his work as well as the main character, Chief Inspector Alan Banks. Happy to see there are 19 in the series (so far).

Robinson’s first book, Gallows View, was written in 1987, but the material is not dated at all. Alan Banks is police detective who lived and worked in London until moving his family to a quiet Yorkshire community. But it isn’t as quiet and laid back as Banks had thought. Right off he is investigating escalating burglaries in the village, a murder and a Peeping Tom. Some of the crimes seem to be related. The burglaries get progressively more violent with one involving a rape.

Robinson fleshes out Alan Banks character so you can emphasize with him. He’s just an ordinary guy…with well honed detective skills and a keen intellect. You can see his ambivalence to give up cigarettes. You can picture the working relationships he has with his boss, Gristhorpe, and with the sergeant who had hoped to get the job Banks is in. He loves his pint, he is attracted to the pretty psychologist (Jenny) assigned to work with him and is completely devoted and faithful to this wife Sandra.

Believable characters, even the “bad guys”, and you are rewarded with a nice tie up of all the crimes. Some of it you can’t see coming until near the end of the book. I like that, when it isn’t so predictable you know all that will happen. I look forward to spending more time with Robinson’s novels.

While he is working Banks is able to stop and enjoy lunches at local pubs. What a nice way to work – stop for a few pints and have a steak and kidney pie for lunch before returning to duty. As I won’t make that particular pie, How about a nice beef, mushroom and leek pie with gravy? Check out my recipe at Squirrel Head Manor.

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3 thoughts on “Gallows View by Peter Robinson

  1. Love this site! I’m getting my MFA in Creative Writing, and I’m a food blogger too. Needless to say…this is a perfect fit! Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to read more!


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