Cooking without Frontiers: An International Cookbook

cookingwo frontiersCooking without Frontiers: an international cookbook.

This book covers 17 countries through Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Supposedly these recipes were tested and re-tested to be sure of the outcome and conversions in measurements. 121 pages with many color photos – some of which are faded but you must consider this book was printed in 1972.

One thing I noted when flipping through the book was the appearance of an onion in each country’s introduction photo. I had not noticed the globe depicted on the cover this cookbook was in fact, an onion. A humble onion painted up to represent the earth. Very creative. Upon further reading the onion is given its proper respect as it is the common symbol of cookery in each of the countries recipes.

IMAG0853 “the onion deserves a special word of praise here. Botanically it belongs to the proudest of all the flower families – the Lily. Its origin lay in the wildest wastes of Asia yet now grown world wide. Derived from the Latin unio meaning unity, many things in one. Flavorsome, moist and even medicinal, all these virtues have been ascribed to the onion, the rose of roots.”

Let me offer up a dish from Italy. Sogliole al marsala ( sexy Italian speak for Sole with Marsala).

Recipe may be found at Squirrel Head Manor.

Adding my review to Goodreads and Beth Fish Reads.


13 thoughts on “Cooking without Frontiers: An International Cookbook

  1. Yum! that fish looks good. And because I can’t imagine not using onions, I like that it’s the linking symbol of the different countries represented in the book. Now I’m headed over to look at the recipe.


  2. This sounds like a really interesting cookbook. If you had time it would be great if you linked it in to My Favourite Cookbooks – you will find the link down in the sidebar under the Books You Loved links. Cheers


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