The Passage by Justin Cronin

the passage The Passage is a journey; a transition about life and death and about the individual stories in the book. It’s apocalyptic lit with detailed survival stories interwoven and spanning a hundred years. Liberally sprinkled with strong and weak characters alike and how they cope, what they hope for and how they live their lives. Is it survival or living? Definitely a difference between the two.

It starts in the year 2014. Military experiments gone horribly wrong and the outcome of the disaster which lasts for hundreds of years. I liked many of the characters in the middle part of the book. There are colonies of people trying to survive in the only world they have ever known, a terrifying world populated with superhuman creatures who are vampire like in their quest for blood and their aversion to light.

The viral creatures, who were once ordinary men and women, are relentless in their hunt to find food. The food being – people. The colonists whom you grow to like and support. Peter, Alicia, Sarah, Michael aka “Circuit” and Maus. They never knew a life where they could see stars at night because the lights must blot out the darkness, always shining to keep the viral creatures at bay. One colonist is an old woman called Auntie. She remembers the stars. She remembers her parents and the rounding up of the children to be sent on a train to the colony in California. She remembered an existence before the virals were a threat to an ordinary life.

What attracted me to this series was book two. I was wandering around Barnes and Noble and picked up a copy of The Twelve by Justin Cronin. It sounded interesting and then I realized I need book one. So, now that I am done, I am wondering if I want to proceed with The Twelve. Was I captivated by the first book? Oh yes. Yes, it held my interest and I made comment to my husband that if this becomes a movie, and I watch this movie, I will probably be quite scared to walk the dogs through the woods at night. (We walk them every evening and there are lots of trees! Ok, you have to read the book for that to make sense)

justin CRONIN
Here are some of the quotes I ear marked.

“Before she became the Girl from Nowhere – the One Who Walked In, the First and Last and Only, who lived a thousand years – she was just a little girl in Iowa named Amy. Amy Harper Bellafonte.”

“It happened fast. Thirty-two minutes for one world to die, another to be born. ‘What did you say?” Richards said, and then he heard – both of them heard – the sound of the alarm. The one that was never, ever supposed to ring, a great tonal buzzing that ricocheted across the open compound so that it seemed to come from everywhere at once.”

“Courage is easy, when the alternative is getting killed. It’s hope that’s hard. You saw something out there that no one else could, and you followed it. That’s something I could never do.”

I only remember food mentioned twice. Food at a county fair and the meal Sarah prepared when her group was hunkered down for a night, hoping to survive. Sarah made a rabbit stew. Well….recently I had the chance to try rabbit and while I won’t say I’ll never have it again….I just couldn’t make it for this post. Not yet. My experience with rabbit may be found HERE at Squirrel Head Manor.

So…no food on this post. Good book, really had me going. But I am still debating if I will read the next one.

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “The Passage by Justin Cronin

  1. I clicked on the link to see what recipe you would come up with for The Passage! Yeah, that was a hard one. I read The Twelve and didn’t like it as much as The Passage, but have high hopes for book #3 of the trilogy.


  2. I just finished this too and totally get the rabbit reference. I listened to the audiobook and let me tell you – it creeped me the “f” out. I don’t think I’ll be listening to scary audiobooks. I would like to get to the 2nd book, but don’t think I can handle any more than that.


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