Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

storm of swords   Lots of action, lots of power plays and sword play too.   War is raging on, alliances are  broken and some of your least favored characters advance to great power.  Waaa?  Not  to mention killing off some of my very favorite characters….I will not give spoilers. 🙂    Joffrey, of House Baratheon (but ought to be Lannister) is the king.  Unfortunately for  Joffrey, he has competition as there are many who feel they are the rightful heir to the crown.

 Vying for the role of ruler of the Seven Kingdoms is Lord Stannis (who took a beating in  King’s Landing),  Robb Stark, who will be fine with the title King of the North (go  Robb)and the exiled queen, Daenerys.  She has dragons…..people will be impressed in  future books, of that I am certain.  But wait, that’s not all!  They have the Wildlings to  contend with which are going to overrun the Ice wall and the very scary mythical  Others.  The Others are living dead with ice blue eyes, animated corpses basically, and  can only be brought down with Dragonglass.


I am loving this series.  If you like action, adventure and bit of fantasy mixed in – this is a series you will love.  There is quite a bit of food mentioned throughout the book and, as I am reading it on Kindle, I forgot you could bookmark pages electronically.

There are so many food references but, as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t note particular dishes and thought I would remember….so I am selecting an easy Lemon Roasted Chicken which any of our characters would devour after a hard day fighting and pillaging 🙂

IMAG0866 I wrote a post about the abundance of lemons and what all I made with them.  If you’d like to see that info as well as a photo story on my upended lemon posset (what a dope I am) check it out HERE at Squirrel Head Manor.

More about the author and series:

George R R Martin
Game of Thrones Series

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12 thoughts on “Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

  1. I absolutely love this series and have caught up with all the books. Like Tanya said, yes, I can see the men digging into the chicken without hesitation, but I can also see this being served at the Lannister table at King’s Landing.


  2. Hi Tina~ To answer your question about my WC post (Parmesan Honey Pork Roast), yes, the recipe is made in a slow cooker. Even though I had that in my directions, I forgot to add it to the title, but have it added now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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