14 by Peter Clines

14 14 by Peter Clines is a fun and easy read if you like science fiction. It has some likable characters and I enjoyed the Twilight Zone style.

Nate Turner is the main character. He’s your average guy who has a crap job combined with a condescending boss who is a true creep. He feels like he’s plodding through life. Then he gets the opportunity to move into the Kravach building, a low rent apartment where he discovers some anomalies and mysterious goings on. Oskar, the building manager, chastises and warns Nate about poking around where he shouldn’t. This only makes Nate more curious – wouldn’t you feel the same way? I know I would!

It had been a long time since Nate felt excited by anything. His life had been such a dull, repetitive echo of life that he’d forgotten what it was like when things were bright and interesting and new. Stupid as it sounded, he felt alive.”

You are then introduced to the other main characters and see a Scooby Doo mystery unfold as they combine forces to discover what the Kravach building is hiding.

There were the stereotypes with certain characters such as the artist with the blue hair and exhibitionist behavior. I couldn’t help but hearing her speaking voice (in my head) as that of Leela on Futurama. Must be the blue hair and yeah, Leela has purple hair, I know. Roger, the guy who works on movie sets was stereotypical of Californians portrayed in movies and SNL. The verbal interchanges among the characters was believable with enough friction to make for real conversations and arguments.

This author has a good imagination, holds the attention with an interesting story line and, as I mentioned, if you like sci fi writing this will be a good read for you. I plan to check out more of Clines’ work.

Food mentioned included a dinner of spaghetti and sauce passed around to the group investigating.

Stopping at “a coffee shop with big windows and a faded awning…..in the end, a coffee and muffin wouldn’t kill” his bank account.

There were several mentions of beer…cheap beer….. as the group sat and enjoyed the sunset on the roof.

I like what Veek says about Andrew, the pedantic Christian annoying man:
“The guy’s never helped with anything and he’s lectured me half a dozen times about being a single woman living alone, And it’s Memorial Day weekend. He can bring chips.”

So, because I make spaghetti quite a bit and I don’t need muffins, I didn’t have too much inspiration on the food front. As I mentioned, they do drink a bit of beer. But it’s cheap beer….and I don’t like that at all. Therefore, I will share a very good beer with you. Cigar City Brewing has a wonderful brown ale called Maduro.


Pours brown in color with notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate and hints of espresso. You can drink more than your meant to….it’s that smooth. We had it on the patio with Carnitas and avocado…perfect blend. I think Nate and Veek would have enjoyed that 🙂


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Happy Reading!


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