Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

A_Dance_With_Dragons_US I liked this book. It was nowhere near as exciting at Storm of Swords or Clash of Kings but it certainly advanced the storyline. Obviously by the title you can tell it’s Daenerys heavy. Her story moves head with some interesting turns regarding the Targarian line. Important characters are introduced which will certainly make a difference in who has claim of the Iron Throne.

There are three story-lines which get more attention than others. Daenerys rule and experiences in Meereen and yes, the dragons finally get some play time.

The most chilling story-line revolves around the Boltons and their hold on Winterfell and the people of the North. Theon is involved in the Boltons story and you know he is getting what he deserved but I have a thimble of pity for him.

Jon Snow is now Lord Commander of the Knight’s Watch and there are plots, fights, allegiances and more involving the Wildling folk, the Knight’s Watch men and Stannis’ soldiers. If Jon dies, I will not be a happy camper.

Martin is known for killing off beloved characters and we all know, none are safe…so I wait for book 6 and hope for the best on some of my favorite (and critical) characters in this series.

So many food passages in these books, in this series.

Tyrion and Iliyrio supped one many meals while riding from Pentos:
“They nibbled on spiced sausage that morning, washed own with a dark smokeberry brown. Jellied eels and Dornish reds filled their afternoon. Come evening there were hams, boiled eggs and roasted larks stuffed with garlic and onions, with pale ales and Myrish fire wines to help their digestion.”

They stuffed themselves with cold capon, a relish made of carrots, raisins and bits of lime and orange.

Tyrion ate cheese, bread and figs in Pentos. Dinner was a broth of crab and monkfish, cold egg lime soup, a saddle of lamb, goose livers drowned in wine, buttered parsnips and suckling pig. Also quails in honey.

And I could go on and on about food in this book. All of Martin’s books describe meals, both plentiful at feast and mean rations…depending on the scene. I am representing this book with a slow cooked brisket and potatoes. It’s wonderful. Recipe at Squirrel Head Manor

Now, if only George Martin would get cracking on that next book…..c’mon George!

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6 thoughts on “Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

  1. Enjoyed your recap of the book, and your food-centric analysis. I always get hungry reading his stuff.

    I know everyone’s worried about Jon, but I was also glad to see certain characters appear in book 5 that I had thought, well, dead.

    Can’t wait for book six. Okay, I mean, I can wait, I have no choice. But you know what I mean.


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