The Stove Pipe by Bonnie Virag

stovePipe The Stove Pipe by Bonnie Virag

This is a very stirring memoir and honest look at life (and abuse) in foster care. Bonnie, her twin sister Betty and other siblings were taken from their home by social services. As an adult, Bonnie researched records detailing her life in the foster care. It was then she discovered the reason she was put in the system was attributed to abandon. This was shocking to her as, in her own words, abandonment was not being tucked in at night, fed properly, having injuries attended to and being loved. The neglect she and her sisters endured is described in this book with complete honesty.

Near the end she will detail the siblings she met again, the ones she never saw again and a chance meeting with her natural father. When you read about the fractured relationships, cruelty, neglect and even rape – you won’t be able to stop thinking about the lives of Bonnie and Betty and be amazed they didn’t turn out as bitter individuals.

This book is a tribute to their positive nature, a family history of sorts and an explosive look at some of the callous foster parents out there. Not all fosters are cruel and not all are in it for the extra money, but some of the places Bonnie landed would make you lose faith in humanity.

This is a sobering read and good writing by Bonnie Virag.


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