Easter Island Sketchbook by Susan A. Sternau

easter This author had the trip of a lifetime and managed to capture the magic in her watercolor paintings. I am not artistic and so I have an admiration for anyone who can create such lovely images with paint or watercolor. Well done!

The beginning of the book gives so much detail about the island and the history of the stones, myths and culture. The follow up pages of watercolor is something I have been flipping through time and again. It’s peaceful to look at the images. All of the watercolors are detailed and well done but I had my favorites. One of my favorites is of wild horses grazing at Tongariki with the giant stone heads in the background. Another is titled Plate 43, it’s a Rongorongo tablet which are inscriptions cut into wooden tablets. Sadly, the key to the written language (the symbols) was lost due to missionaries destroying so many of these tablets.

Dawn over Moais at Ahu Tahai on Easter Island Chile

If you have an interest in the Pacific and Easter Island in particular, this is a book you will enjoy having on your shelf or coffee table. It currently has a spot on my desk so I can thumb through when I please.

For more on Susan’s artwork please see her website HERE


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