Final Account by Peter Robinson

final accpount Here we are again in the Yorkshire countryside with DCI Banks investigating another murder. The scene begins with Banks and fellow constable Susan Gay out in the cold wee early morning hours when bland and middle aged accountant Keith Rothwell is found murdered. Rothwell was kneeling, hands tied behind his back and shot in the head. His family discovered the gruesome scene and this where the investigation kicks off.

Rothwell was described as bland and conservative businessman. Nothing exciting about his life or his work. Then Banks gets a call from a young woman who wants verification that the photo of the victim (Rothwell) is a mistake. She knows this man reported as murdered and it’s not Keith Rothwell at all. Banks meets with Pamela, a lovely young musician, and she informs him the man is actually Robert Calvert, her former lover. Rothwell (or Calvert) had a secret life and this opens up another avenue of investigation.

There are many twists to the plot lines which include a drug dealing Caribbean dictator laundering money, several likely suspects and an ending I never saw coming!

This is the seventh book I have read in the DCI Banks series by Peter Robinson. Evidently I’m hooked. Each book mentions Banks love of music and we go from opera to jazz to the Beatles. He always has his Walkman with him and usually has music cassettes for the car. I wonder what type of music he’ll be interested in next.

As for food, of course there is the usual pub grub mentioned and lots of ales and lagers consumed during our detectives working lunches. DCI Banks has a love of Laphroaig, an expensive single malt Scotch whisky. He and his wife Sandra sip their drinks while catching up on life and each other in the rare evenings they are both at home.

One description of an Indian restaurant sounded exotically tantalizing. The aromas of all those spices.

“Banks and Blackstone sat across from each other in an Indian restaurant… drinking lager and nibbling at pakoras and onion bhaji. The aroma was tantalizing – cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, mingled with other spices.”

Keeping to the English menu I grabbed one of Nigel Slater’s recipes. Pork and Pears. Yes, apples are the usually pairing with pork but Nigel used pears. It was good. I think DCI Banks would have enjoyed this meal.

If you’d like the recipe click on over to my foodie blog: Squirrel Head Manor.

I am sharing this with Beth Fish’s Weekend Cooking Series and adding it to my British Book Challenge at Feeling Fictional.

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10 thoughts on “Final Account by Peter Robinson

  1. I must get going on the Banks books and the TV show! The pork looks great, but I’m intrigued by his choice of Scotch. I wonder if I can get it around here.


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