Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

I have been a fan of Jim Gaffigan for a long time and was pleased to see he authored a book. You can hear his voice when you are reading this book. I found it to be very funny and have passed it on to my husband and son as they too are Gaffigan fans. We weren’t sure what to expect, if this was a series of short stories or a memoir when I grabbed this book. I didn’t know the focus would be on his wife, children and how they impacted his life, but it’s funny!

The story about how bars are like preschools was right on target. Think of all they have in common – Low lighting, there are games; “You can walk into a bar at 2 a.m. and you may as well be picking up your kid at nursery school. The behavior is the same. In both places there is always someone yelling for no reason at all (Wooo Hooo), someone is in trouble with the “authorities” because there was a fight about where someone wanted to stand, people break into song, you go in the bathroom and it appears it was used by someone who isn’t potty trained. In both places there will be somebody in the bathroom crying “I thought they were my friend. I want my mom” and it’s completely normal if someone spontaneously throws up on the floor………”

Reading this was like listening to one his stand-up comedy routines. A quick and entertaining read. Loved it.

Aja was probably annoyed at my laugh-out-loud moments reading this book….


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