A Dog’s Life by Peter Mayle: 5 Bones for this classic canine story


I have been a fan of Peter Mayle for a while. A Dog’s Life is different from his usual writing style but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This story is told from the dog’s point of view. It seems like a very accurate accounting of what I think dog’s reactions may be. But then I tend to give my dogs more credit regarding their thought processes and adding human emotion.

“Boy” was a pup with an unhappy childhood. He was chained outside with barely any shelter and had a cruel owner. When he was taken hunting he proved to inefficient at that task as he was afraid of gunfire. I was becoming truly sad when I read how he was abandoned. The cruel owner took him for a car ride, pulled the dog from the car and hurled a piece of meat into the weeds. The dog took off for the meat and the owner drove off, abandoning the poor dog to fend for himself.

The dog roamed the countryside, eating scraps when he could find anything and eventually went into a city to beg for food and company. Each time he followed someone it seemed they may take him in but he was always shooed away in the end. Finally, on one of his trips roaming the roadside, a kind lady stopped the car and offered him a ride. This is the beginning of Boy’s good fortune.

The kind lady and her husband are none other than Peter Mayle and his wife. They dubbed the dog Boy and took him in. What a wonderful life Boy had living in the Provence countryside, wandering from the kitchen to the local woods and then writing his memoirs. Boy provides us with his observations of his new owners (he calls them management), thoughts on hygiene habits of various nationalities who visit the French cottage, cats, meals and wine.

The drawings in the book were done by Edward Koren and are perfect for all the stories. I liked this book very much and it’s a very quick read. It’s humorous, it’s set in Provence France and offers a good storyline – what’s not to like.

5 Bones for this classic canine story. Let’s share a white Bordeaux in honor of Boy’s fine accommodations in the Provence countryside. It’s always nice to read a happy ending.

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Written by an English author and set in France.

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