The Road by Cormac McCarthy

BookRoadThe Road by Cormac McCarthy

It was bleak and sad but I think it captured a frighteningly real scenario if we were faced with some apocalyptic event. It isn’t living anymore, it’s just surviving, but the Man can’t bring himself to end it. I think it’s because of The Boy who is his son. The Boy seems to have been brought up in this dying world and his father keeps moving on, trying to find food and shelter for his son.

They head for the coast because they can’t survive another winter in the north. It’s harsh, it’s depressing and yet I couldn’t stop reading it. If you have ever seen the movie starring Viggo Mortensen it’s an excellent portrayal of the book.

What sort of meal would one be inspired to make from this book – that is a true toughie. For The Man, he has memories of what life was like before, when trees were green, when you could shop at a market and breathe fresh air. The Boy grew up never knowing this world. Always on the run, gray skies and little food was what he was used to.

I think I would miss a very basic meal, such as wings and vegetables. Something so simple yet it would be a feast for The Man and The Boy.

Sad book yet it kept my attention to the end. Well done Cormac McCarthey.

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