A welcome addition to any bookshelf: One Pot by Martha Stewart

1POT This is cookbook I know I will be pulling off the shelf on a regular basis. I like the way the recipes are separated by the type of “pot” you need for cooking. By that I mean the recipes are divided by slow cooker, roasting pan, Dutch oven, pressure cooker and stock pot rather than the traditional layout of appetizers, meat, sides, etc.

If I am in the mood to use the slow cooker then I can turn to that section and find a recipe. There is a description of all the baking pots, pans, anything you may need to complete a meal from this book.

An added bonus is each section has a One Pot Four Ways recipe. For a roasted chicken there are four different ways to prepare it. Each “pot” has one of those type recipes.

We like Arroz con Pollo quite a bit and I happened to have a bag of Valencia rice in the pantry so this is the first recipe I tried.


This recipe was spot on in ease and the estimated time to prepare. Recipe may be found at Squirrel Head Manor. There are many recipes I plan to make from this book. I can recommend this cookbook without reservations – great addition to my bookshelf!

More info HERE about the publisher and other Martha Stewart books.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


9 thoughts on “A welcome addition to any bookshelf: One Pot by Martha Stewart

  1. I can’t believe I passed over this book! I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for it. I’m not sure we’ve ever had Arroz con Pollo. I think the saffron has always scared me off. Time to face my fears!


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