What’s in a Name 2015 Reading Challenge

ATTENTION: This is a repost as I had to delete my 2015 challenge post recently. Trouble with the blog and HTML, you don’t want the sordid details 🙂
Sadly this meant the comments were also lost. If you have commented on this before and you see this post in your reader, again, it’s an error from this end. Apologies.

This upcoming year I am signing up for the What’s in a Name reading challenge hosted by Charlie at The Wormhole. Go check it out if interested.

The challenge runs from January to December. During this time you choose a book to read from each of the following categories (examples of books you could choose are in brackets):

A word including ‘ing’ in it (The Time Of Singing, Dancing To The Flute, Lex Trent Fighting With Fire) My examples are verbs but you can of course use other words.

A colour (The Red Queen, White Truffles In Winter, On Gold Mountain)

A familial relation (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, Dombey And Son, My Cousin Rachel) By all means include in-laws, step, and halves.

A body of water (The River Of No Return, Black Lake, Beside The Sea)

A city (Barcelona Shadows, Shanghai Girls, Under The Tripoli Sky)

An animal (Black Swan Rising, The Leopard Unleashed, The Horse And His Boy)

The titles here are only examples, you can by all means use them if you want to but it’s not necessary. There are plenty of other books that will fit the categories and you may have some in mind already or even some on your shelves you can read.

Extra information

Books can be any format (print, audio, ebook).
It’s preferred that the books don’t overlap with other challenges, but not a requirement at all.
Books cannot overlap categories (for instance my example of Black Swan Rising for ‘an animal’ could be used for the ‘colour’ category or ‘animal’ category, but not both).

Creativity for matching the categories is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! You don’t have to make your list of books beforehand, you can choose them as you go. You don’t have to read your chosen books in any particular order.

My selection of books may change during the year but I strive to read the following for this challenge:

ING: Eating for England by Nigel Slater

COLOR: Orange is the New Black or Anne of Green Gables or The Name of the Rose

FAMILIAL RELATION: The Soldier’s Wife by Margaret Leroy

BODY of WATER: Black Lake by Johanna Lane

A CITY: London by Edward Rutherfurd

An ANIMAL: There are so many to choose so I’ll reserve judgment on this one.


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