Talon needed more dragons

Talon   I was excited about this book since it featured dragons. Imagine a world where dragons walked among us in human form, infiltrating society and taking their place in high ranking government offices. Young dragons are trained at a facility called Talon, a place we only hear about in this narrative. When the young dragons turn 16 they are introduced to human society with a human host family. There they will interact and learn while awaiting their assigned professions based on their particular skills and talents. The two dragons starring in this book are Ember and Dante Hill. (Ember, really?)

The parallel storyline features soldiers from an organization called St. George, a highly trained military group with one mission – wipe out dragons. Most humans don’t know dragons exist so soldiers from St George blend into society to seek out these dragons in human form, then destroy them. The opening chapters about St George describe a huge fire fight in South America where the soldiers have pinned down an older dangerous dragon. It’s like Seal Team 6 meets the Cujo of dragons. The main soldiers we read about are Tristan St. George and Garret Sebastian.

The chapters drift back and forth between the young dragons and their host family and two soldiers from St George. Unfortunately it turns into a teen angst theme with Ember having feelings for Garret (a man sent to kill her) and a rogue dragon who appears, flirting with Ember. Garret has the baggage of hating dragons because they killed his family when he was a child. Now he is having romantic feelings for Ember and this keeps him from focusing on his mission.

Turned out there were very few scenes with dragons. I read the entire book but it wasn’t what I had thought it would be. There is a cliffhanger ending, which you can see coming as you near the end of the book, and it leads the way for the next book in this series. Right now I don’t think I will read that next book. I had enough teenager handwringing with Hunger Games and Divergent.

But that’s my opinion and like I said, I did finish the book. Give me more dragon and less juvenile romance, then I would read part two.


2 thoughts on “Talon needed more dragons

  1. Thanks, Katherine, I just started a Kate Morton novel. One big fat volume of pure English society and I am enjoying it!
    I think you daughter may enjoy Talon and like I said, I finished it but I was hoping for more action sequences 😚


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