Reader’s Workouts series #2


Good day and welcome to my second link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

I had hoped to have something amazing to report for my second Reader’s Workout……alas, I managed to injure my leg so not as much exercise as I’d hoped or planned.

I did start another yoga DVD, YogaFit Seniors. I choose this one because I figured is was low inpact and I could start with something aimed at, what I image to be, inflexible people. Don’t know if that is when I pulled a muscle or something but….I have only done a few routines with it. What I liked about this DVD is the different types of people they use in the video.


They have a 68 year old woman who is in better shape than I am and a 63 year old man who is less flexible than I am. The man started yoga after sitting on a floor and couldn’t get up. He realized he needed to do something to improve his flexibility. That applies to us office drones who tend to sit in an office chair day after day. It’s killer for the back and legs.

Last time I participated in Reader’s Workout I received many nice comments and suggestions for other yoga DVDs and routines. Thank you!

Walking: With my husband out of town I ended up with double walks with our dogs. They kept a pretty good pace so, that was great for me. They are not greatly cooperative walking together so I took them separately. Also, Doug and I had a few good walks up and down our driveway, can’t wait for the warmer weather so we can get back to a routine.

Building up to walks and other routines little by little.

How was your week?


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Workouts series #2

  1. That looks like a good DVD! When I first started yoga, I realized that it had been years since I got on the floor! Being able to get on the floor and back up is a useful skill — now, I use it in photography and gardening.


    • Thanks Joy. I was just leaving a comment for one your workout buddies and saying it’s motivating to see what everyone is doing. I like seeing others competing for their goals and staying on track.


  2. I’m sorry you hurt your leg! I can’t wait til the weather here makes taking the dog for a walk possible, but between the cold and snow, it hasn’t been possible. And he has bad hips so winter weather in general is tougher on him, which is compounded by not being able to walk outside as much.


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