Lighten Up Y’all: Southern traditional foods with a slightly lighter touch

lighten Lighten up, y’all is a new cookbook by Virginia Willis who modifies old favorites into healthier meals. Since I have been placed on a low fat diet some of these modifications won’t work for me, yes…even with reduced fat alterations. BUT, the author does make some very delicious looking dishes which are healthier than the traditional versions.

I wish there had been more photos and healthier choices on the oils she chooses to cook with. There are some tasty sounding recipes such as Chicken, Apple and Cheddar Burgers and Broccoli and Cheese Grits which use cheddar (a higher fat cheese) as well as Beer Battered Shrimp – none of which would be particularly light fare. She makes them lighter than the traditional versions but hey, fried is still fried.

I like that she advocates drinking plenty of water, using yogurt in replacement of mayonnaise (sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t) and has an honest forward about her weight issues.

Overall I would give this cookbook a 3.5 for honesty and nice southern cookin’ with a slightly lighter touch.

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions, nice and no-so-nice are my own 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lighten Up Y’all: Southern traditional foods with a slightly lighter touch

  1. I saw this on blogging for books the other day and was curious about it. This sounds perfect for us! We don’t have any dietary restrictions but could stand to lighten our food up a bit. Plus that chicken, apple and cheddar burger sounds divine. I’m so glad you reviewed this one! Sounds like one I’d enjoy. Off to request it now!


  2. They have quite a few good cookbooks to give out. I am always on the lookout for how to modify some recipes to make them a wee bit healthier. Hope you enjoy it, Katherine.


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