Reader’s Workout series #3


Good day and welcome to my third link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

Since my last linkup with you all I have been to the doctor to get the injured leg fixed up. It wasn’t as easy as biting on a piece of leather and having the doctor pull hard on my leg and actually, she wasn’t amenable to that suggestion from me. Go figure. The leg only locks up every now and then so it’s not as if I have been hobbling continuously for 2 weeks. So, in spite of the gimpy leg I have:

Kept walking with the dogs
Walked up and down the driveway (1/10 of a mile one way) for several laps on both Saturday and Sunday
Kept up with some stretching exercises.
Walk up the stairs at work for bathroom breaks. Every bit of movement counts, right?

Today I will be going to physical therapy and maybe they can twist my leg the way it needs to be. The stairs will be the death of me if it’s not back to normal soon!

How has your week of exercise been going?


6 thoughts on “Reader’s Workout series #3

  1. Good for you! I finally got myself back to the gym on Saturday and did a couple of miles on the elliptical after several weeks of not getting there. Now to go back again before next Saturday. That’s going to be the hard part!


    • If I lived in your part of the country I would absolutely belong to a gym!! Good for you, that sounds like an amazing workout. We are starting to get warmer temps so I hope to start walking again.


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