What I’ve been reading, eating, watching and gardening plans

Here is a mini blog update of what is going on here. The weather is improving so we are all a bit more cheerful.

Here’s what I have been up to…………..


Roasted chicken legs and thighs with pole beans and broth cooked rice – Delicious!

Grilled pork chops, roasted root vegetables and baked beans. We used sweet potato, carrots and parsnips for the roasted veggies.

Oatmeal has become a traditional breakfast meal. Low fat and low calorie.

Exercising: Still working on walking and had been experimenting with different yoga DVDs. I joined up with the Reader’s Workout series at Joy’s Book Blog.
Waiting to see what is happening with my leg and physical therapy before pouring it on too fast here.

Reading: I started Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton last week. I am also reading over a few cookbooks that arrived in the mail. Doug is deep into Persuader, a Jack Reacher book, I think #7 in the series.

Gardening: Ok, it’s actually too early to plant anything, I just know we’ll get another good frost here. But we are starting seedlings and using a grow light. More on that later.

Viewing: Let me do a roundup of what we have received from Netflix and the library. This is from a few weeks back to present.

We started and finished season one of Orange is the New Black. I liked the book (my review HERE) and was quite surprised at how different the show was, waaaay off from the book.

Season 7, part one, of Mad Men. Glad to see one character I don’t care for exiting the storyline and sad to see one character die. No spoilers from me here, in case you aren’t caught up.

We watched G.I. Joe, the second one, and it was so-so. Glad we didn’t buy it.

Eagerly awaiting season 4 of Game of Thrones from the library!! Also looking forward to the latest season of Walking Dead. One of our favorite shows!

That’s it for a short update. Hope all is well in your world. What are you reading /watching / eating these days?


4 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading, eating, watching and gardening plans

  1. What you’re eating looks delicious! Things have been crazy here so our dinners are definitely on the simple side these days. I read The Forgotten Garden from Morton and loved it. I really want to read more but haven’t yet. I look forward to seeing what you think. It’s time to start thinking about the garden. Tomatoes are always my focus because I love them and grocery store tomatoes just don’t cut it. I’m hoping to get squash to actually grow this year. Last year I had tons of zucchini but no squash. Have a great week!


    • Katherine, I am loving this Kate Morton novel! I have the second book in hardcover but wanted to start with her first one. I bought it for Kindle. I’m about 40% through so far.
      Thanks for the nice words about dinner, I always go for the quick fix ones! That chicken takes only 10 minutes to set up and the. Into the oven.


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