Good day and welcome to my fifth link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series! I recently joined in and promptly injured my leg, no fault of Joy’s Reader’s Workout of course! But I am better now and ready to get moving.

Turns out I tore something…fibers I think… my rectus femoris. Until I went to the doctor and saw the charts with muscles I had no idea how many were entwined in my leg. So, if I get back to the yoga I will go slower. But, as I said I am ready to get moving again.

We’ve been:

* Walking the dogs

* Digging around in the garden

* Walking the long driveway, back and forth, as much as we can

How has your week been exercise-wise? And since it’s Reader’s Workout – what are you reading? I am reading The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.