Find Momo – Coast to Coast


I know this comparison has been made with many reviews of this book but I have to say it – it’s a Where’s Waldo type book but stars a beautiful border collie named Momo. Look at his soulful brown eyes. You see such intelligence and personality. This is an entertaining book with lovely photography. Andrew Knapp is a talented photographer.

The photos of the southwest interest me as it’s an area of the USA I have always wanted to visit. The scenery covers all of the US and Canada and if you have wanderlust, you will soon be formulating plans to visit some of these cool places.


Check out this little video and see Momo in action, finding a place to hide.

Find Momo Book Tour from Andrew Knapp on Vimeo.

Would you like to see more of this gorgeous dog? Check out Andrew Knapp on Instagram. I have already started following him.

Here is Andrew’s website

Here is a photo from the book. Can you spot Momo?


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