Oysters and beer in Apalachicola

Sometimes you just need a mental health day from work. A day when you sleep a little longer. A day when you read during the day, drive to coast and eat an expensive lunch just because.

We set out for Apalachicola, a small coastal town an hour away from our home.


Nothing like the salty air, the snap of the breeze and the seafood offerings at various locally owned businesses.
We opted for Boss Oyster, a place we have been before and loved.


We started with a dozen raw oysters, lemon and hot sauce for Doug and horseradish me me.


Red Stripe for him. Negra Modelo for me.


Follow it up with a grilled crab cake sandwich and cheese grits. Yes, it’s grilled and not fried! I didn’t know they could do that.


Nice view from the outside dining area…..


We had a great time. I always have a great time with Doug. We walked around after the lunch and bought a few postcards and a box of chocolate coconut patties.

His handlebar mustache is coming along quite well, don’t you think?


A last photo from the bridge as we departed. Goodbye Apalachicola….for now.


Pity I didn’t take photos of the patio dinner we enjoyed that evennig. Grilled mahi mahi and fruit. That’s for another time and post.

Hooking up with Beth Fish Reads for her Weekend Cooking Series.

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10 thoughts on “Oysters and beer in Apalachicola

  1. What a yummy lunch! I’m not much for raw oysters, but that crab cake sandwich looked delicious. I love crab – all kinds of crab. Thanks for sharing you day with us!


  2. Oh how I wish I lived closer to the sea for all that great fresh crab. I haven’t had good oysters for years … I think I see a trip to the shore in my future.


  3. Yes, indeedy, sometimes one does need a mental health day (or two). Love the mustache on Dough. Why don’t you try to replicate that grilled crab cake. That sounds delicious (as does the oysters). It is a pity we don’t live close to a coast b/c I think I could develop an affinity for them! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your trip!


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