Reader’s Workout #7


Good day and welcome to my seventh link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

After a slow start in April we are gearing up to walk every day in May. My husband and I have changed our hours at work so we can fit the morning walk in. Honestly, you’d think there would be time after work but it just doesn’t work for us for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, our exercise goals include the daily walk, the dog walks and lots of yardwork. We recently had trees removed and shrubs pulled up around the house. The yard is a blank canvas so there is much raking, pulling straw and leaves off the roof, hauling of such away in many trips with a heavy wheelbarrow and replacing of patio stones. That’s hard work and should burn some calories.

This early into the month I have been trying to keep track of the steps and distance walked using my iPhone.

Morning walk and dog walk:
On May 2: 3380 steps – 1.63 miles plus a mile long dog walk. Couldn’t drag the phone along on the dog walk, no pockets.
May 3 – 4859 steps and 2.38 miles.

This is only the morning walks and didn’t include all the yard work. Impossible to have a phone on me to track this stuff when I am bending and moving so much. I looked at a FitBit and know this would be more beneficial for tracking goals and progress but honestly, once a friend put hers on my wrist to show me, I felt like I had handcuffs on! That’s just me though – my husband may want one. I am not a jewelry person and don’t ever wear bracelets or watches or anything on the arm. Maybe a clip-on variety but the wrist sort – no way.

Since this is Reader’s Workout let’s talk books. I finished Caedmon’s Song by Peter Robinson and The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson. Currently reading Be Safe, Love Mom by Elaine Brye.

What are you reading now?


6 thoughts on “Reader’s Workout #7

  1. I like my clip-on FitBit. I put on my bra first thing in the morning and forget about it except when I want to know how many steps I’ve taken.

    I’m reading Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal about how to make real life work more like games so that we work as hard for real life goals as virtual ones. Tracking, like we do with exercise, helps!


    • Sounds like a good book, Joy, will check it out when I am roaming the bookstore this afternoon.
      Thanks for the advice on the bra sort of Fitbit. I am interested!


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