Be Safe, Love Mom

beSAFE I had won a copy of this book from LibraryThing and after reading it have passed it on to a Marine mom. I enjoyed the book and could relate to the worry, fear and pride you feel when your child is serving. Our son is out of the Army now but I felt very proud him when he enlisted and hoped he would make it a career.

Elaine Brye was an Army brat and knew what it was like to grow up in a military family. She can certainly be proud of her four children, all of them serving in different branches of the military. She gives many first hand examples of her experiences with their training and deployments. She shared many stories from other military moms whose sons and daughters were serving, all of them enlightening, at times funny and at times very sad.

For anyone who has either served, married to soldier/Marine/airman/seaman or is the parent of one you will know there is a certain community and support system. They are there for each other and share the joys and grief related to service. She had some good advice in several chapters for handling stress, helping a daughter-in-law and grandchildren when their husband and father was deployed, the very sad chapter called Gold Star and more.

A good memoir focusing on how a civilian parent or spouse deals with joy, pride and stress.

This is the second book in my What’s in a Name reading challenge hosted by Charlie at The Wormhole.


6 thoughts on “Be Safe, Love Mom

    • It was a good read, Katherine, very insightful.
      If your son is planning on going in the service please remind him that recruiters are not always, forthcoming. If the job(MOS) he wants isn’t available when he wants to enlist, tell him to wait. New jobs come up all the time.


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