Reader’s Workout #8


Good day and welcome to my eighth link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

So far May has been a good month for exercise. In addition to the daily dog walks we have been taking them to parks for extra walks. We have also changed our hours at work so we go in later (and obviously stay later) to accommodate an early morning fast walk.

The dog walk is slow…..if you have a dog you know what I mean. Walk, stop, sniff, stare, walk, repeat. That one mile slow walk is a good warm-up for us. After the shibas have done their business we put them in the house and immediately walk at a rapid pace for a half hour.

According to the health app on my phone we have roughly 6,000 steps and 2 1/2 miles in before work. I keep the phone with me as it records movement and I get a general idea of the amount of time I spend moving. It’s rather motivational and inspires me to walk more.

Last Reader’s Workout I mentioned I couldn’t abide a FitBit on my arm or wrist. While the tracking mechanism is very cool, I don’t like bracelets or anything fitting closely there. They make two others that intrigue me – A Zip and a One. Either fits on my clothing or inside a bra. Still debating when to drop the money to purchase one of these gadgets.

Since this is Reader’s Workout let’s talk books. I finished Be Safe, Love Mom by Elaine Brye. Currently reading The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore.

What are you reading now?

Hope your exercise regime is going well!


8 thoughts on “Reader’s Workout #8

  1. I have a zip and I keep it in my pocket and it works well. Well, it did work until I had to change the battery the first time. It drained the new battery in 2 weeks. I guess this is an issue with these. There is a piece of metal that you have to bend out to touch the battery just right. I’m going to get a new battery and see if that works. Until this happened, I used the zip for about 6 months and loved it.


  2. My Fitbit tracking was off. It would track my arm movement, even when sitting down, as steps. I’m seriously thinking about getting a Moov because you can wear it on your arm or leg and will give you tips on how to better whatever it is you’re doing like boxing, running, cardio, swimming etc.


    • I never heard of the Moov, Vicki. Right now I am sticking with my phone just to get a ballpark reading of my activity. It am hoping to build up, longer walks and more activity. Will look at the Moov today online. Thanks!


  3. That must be so satisfying to get 6000 steps before work! It’s usually late afternoon before I’ve accomplished that.

    I’ve got the FitBit One and have been using for a year. It’s motivating when it’s new, of course. I’ve made it motivating again by finding a way to set goals with it that works for me — 8000 steps, 21 days a month. That gives me a little flexibility. On days like today, I end up pacing around the house in the evening so that I reach my goal.

    It sounds like your phone is doing that for you at the moment, though. I recently put an app on my phone. I don’t feel like it’s quite as accurate, but accuracy is much less important than motivation to me.


  4. Joy, I agree with you. Do me, getting motivated is way more important Andy ugh now, that’s what I need. I suppose it depends on both the climate and our individual tolarance to heat and/ or cold getting out to walk or run.

    It gets so very hot here quickly, and worse is the humidity, so my husband and I need to get out early. Right now we are wondering what to do in the winter months as it stays dark in the mornings. Perhaps investing in a treadmill ☺️


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