Avocados and Smitten Kitchen

I am a big fan of avocados. They are good sliced on a sandwich, in a dip, with nachos, a salad or just eaten on their own. Right now there are good sales on avocados at the local markets so I may need to stock up.


Recently I came across a recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website for a cool avocado and cucumber salad. The recipe for Obsessively Good Avocado and Cucumber salad may be found at Smitten Kitchen.

This salad is so summery, so refreshing, but you need to prepare enough for one sitting and make it fresh the next day. The leftovers are still tasty but they look wilted and faded.


I am waiting on Thrift Books to get me a copy of Smitten Kitchen at a good reasonable price. Used books are fine by me. Anytime. I have this one on my wish list because I am saving for other things and don’t want to drop the cash (aka: new book prices).

This evening we are having a slow roasted pork roast, baked beans, watermelon, perhaps another appearance of this salad and cole slaw. Good BBQ fare. Pity our son can’t join us for dinner but he has to work. Another time.

If anyone reading this has recipes for summery salads I would love to hear your suggestions. We aee about to get into the humid, sticky high-temperature time of year. Anything cooling is welcome.

Tomorrow I will update my Reader’s Workout. Come join in!


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