Garden Update: Before and After

Let’s start with the before photos. This shot of when the beans and peas were first growing up the netting.


The squash was just starting to thrive…..


The bush beans finally poked up through the soil….


Inside we were still using the grow light to start chard, peppers and cherry tomatoes.

This is a great before shot. Nothing was coming up yet, a blank palate in our raised beds.


We used a good mixture of soils – Lucky Dog and Nature’s Care.


After shots!

Here is a gorgeous eggplant blossom.


Look at the tiny eggplants forming. These are called Little Finger eggplants.


The squash are huge now. We have gotten many little yellow squash and had them for our dinners several times.


We were getting lots of pole beans and have enjoyed them for dinner many evenings. They are starting to slow down production wise.


Alas on the tomatoes. I was hoping we got them in on time but I think we waited too late. First off we tried using seeds and getting them to sprout under the grow light. Plants did emerge but they didn’t prosper as the squash, peas and beans did so….probably too late for any tomatoes this year.

Next year we will buy plants from a good local source and get them in earlier. Probably still try the seeds and grow light but I don’t want to take any chances. Even if everything works out, in my opinion you can’t have too many tomatoes. I roast them, chop into various dishes, make sauce… know.

That’s all I have to share garden-wise. If you put a garden in what are your success stories? Anything that does particularly well?

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