Reader’s Workout #9


Good day and welcome to my 9th link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

We are making our goal of getting over 10,000 steps a day. Some days are better than others, depending on the weather. One day last week I had a particularly good day. Over 12,000 steps and it was a workday. The days we are at work are tough as we have office jobs. (Yawn)


The temps aren’t bad in the morning but the humidity makes it tough to walk.

Here it is 72 degrees at 8:05 a.m. This was last week, I drove the dogs to the park.


By 5:15 in the afternoon it’s a muggy 92.


By 8 P.M. it’s only down to 83.


Considering the temperatures, the motivation to get up earlier is strong.

Since it’s Reader’s Workout let’s talk books! Currently I’m reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. What are you reading?


2 thoughts on “Reader’s Workout #9

  1. I need to get motivated to start working out in the mornings. My evenings are getting too busy – but I have never been a morning person, I just feel flat.


    • I am more of a mid morning person, if that makes any sense. I have to make myself get going on the walk but am so glad I did. If I miss a day I truly feel it. Too hot in the afternoon for me.


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