Where do you find me??

If you are a regular reader of Squirrel Head Manor and Novel Meals you may have noticed lots of duplicate posts in the past month and a half. I don’t intend to keep up with two blogs much longer and am trying to decide which one retires. Here is some background as I try and reason this out:

How many blogs?

I started with The Pierce family history site. As I tend to do, that blog went off topic here and there. Not 100% genealogy but punctuated with recipes, a memorable meal, book reviews, dogs………

Since I wasn’t sticking to the subject matter I created Squirrel Head Manor blog in December of 2007. It was the everything blog. The food, recipes, motorcycle trips, camping, books, you name it. I have been rambling on SHM for 7 years and 5 months. (I am about to get to the point….patience, please ) Eventually I wanted to try a site that focused only on books as well as seeing what WordPress was all about. That was several years ago and Novel Meals was born.

Merging and Focusing

After analyzing stats it seems some posts at Squirrel Head Manor receive 80% more interaction than Novel Meals. BUT, there are a number of posts at Novel Meals getting hits and comments and zero at SHM. So, different audiences and different interests. What I want is an everything blog again. Simple categories such as food, exercise, gardening….you know what I mean?

Opinions anyone? Do you like one better than the other? Do you visit both?

or sheer folly I have posted a poll on the sidebar. Would you take a look at both sites and vote on one please? Just as a curiosity and to see what sort of interest there is. Ultimately it comes down to what I like best but I would like input all the same.

I think WordPress looks cleaner. I like the options with menus and looks in WordPress. It’s easier (for me) to upload photos in WP.
Blogspot is also a free site and I have had residence with it for over 7 years. So there is the sentimentality factor.

Arrgh! Decisions.


4 thoughts on “Where do you find me??

    • Thanks Katherine, your input is much appreciated. It’s a tough decision. I like both & I could go back to books only on this site but 2 blogs aren’t needed.


  1. Hmmm—I guess I would have to say that SHM is my vote but that is what I started following first with you. As long as you keep posting SOMEWHERE….. 🙂


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