Reader’s Workout #10


Good day and welcome to my 10th link up with Joy at Joy’s Book Blog for her Reader’s Workouts series!

In addition to updating the exercise regime I would like to share with you this is our 31st wedding anniversary. Woo-hoo….this calls for celebration! We will plan out something fun for our dinner this evening and I will share with you later. 🙂

We ran out of luck with the cooler morning temperatures. Meh…it made it easier to walk. It’s still a wee but humid but not that bad. As with any exercise regime the best one is whichever one you will stick with, something you enjoy. For us it’s walking.

I copied some images from a magazine I read detailing an exercise plan.


Right now I don’t any grander plans than to do the daily morning walk but I like the idea of branching out by varying the routine. This week we are on vacation, staying around home but we will get more walking in. I hope.


So far we are both getting over 10,000 steps in well before 5 P.M. with the exception of one very rainy morning. I sure missed the exercise that day, really noticed it by the end of the work day.

As for reading I finished up Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. Seriously dark book.

I hope your week has been good and you are getting your exercise in, reading some good books.


4 thoughts on “Reader’s Workout #10

  1. Ten thousand steps is impressive! I like a little strength-training because it keeps me from getting injured when I do yard work and a little stretching because it keeps me from getting injured when I do pretty much anything else. Preventing injury gives me the best chance at continuing daily exercise.


    • I never thought about strength training from that angle before, Joy. Great idea! Thanks regarding the 10,000 steps daily verge. My husband read somewhere that one should try and get that much in and we do our best, despite being office workers 😉


    • I have been trying really hard, Carole! This heat makes me think twice about walking some days but so far, am still plugging along. I hope you meet your goals this month.


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