June Garden Update

There is the good news and the bad news, as the story always goes.

Here is some of the bounty we have harvested……obviously this falls under the good news.


Summer temperatures have moved in and many of our plants are not loving it. Fortunately the pole beans seem to be fine with the hot evenings and brutal, humid daytime temps.


The tomatoes are a lost cause. We ought to have gotten them in much earlier than we did but we were trying to grow them from seed. Under the grow light they did not flourish as the squash, beans and peas did.

By the time we decided to pop the little seedlings into the ground it was too late in the season. We managed to get one enormous, juicy beefsteak tomato. Very tasty. The rest of the little green tomatoes most likely won’t ripen as the temperatures are not below 78 to 80 some nights. Oh well, live and learn.

The Little Finger eggplants are doing well.


The squash were excellent producers for a good while and we had many side dishes of yellow squash and a casserole or two. They developed a fungus recently and we had to pull out the remaining plants.

Look at our poor bush bean plants! It looked like a cutworms or some heinous bug snipped the little branches off.


Funny how the pole beans are doing so well but the bush beans are biting the dust. Every year we learn something new about gardening. Now we are aren’t sure what to plant for the fall or even when to plant for a fall harvest.

If you are a fellow amateur gardener I hope your plants are doing better than ours. Any advice is always welcome!

2 thoughts on “June Garden Update

  1. That’s too bad about the tomatoes. Growing from seed is so hard. It’s fun when it works but I’ve gotten frustrated with it and have just started buying plants which isn’t quite as satisfying. I’m thinking my squash isn’t going to make it. The plant is actually pretty healthy looking and I’ve gotten 1 squash from it but nothing else. I have terrible luck with that one. On the plus side if all the miniature butternut squash turn into actual butternut squash I’ll be swimming in the stuff! Hopefully you have a decent farmer’s market nearby or a friend with a bounty of tomatoes.


    • Growing from seed wasn’t too bad using a grow light with the other plants but yeah, the tomatoes I will do differently next year. So you aren’t getting much in the squash department? Ours produced well but we did get that fungus. Maybe it was the variety you had??


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