Goodbye Kobe

Today I write with a deep sadness as we have lost a member of our pack. Our beloved Shiba Inu Kobe had to be euthanized.


He had a seizure Sunday evening & he had to be taken to the emergency veterinarian. We were able to bring him home after he received a morphine injection for pain. As you can imagine we had a fairly sleepless night watching over him.


By morning it was clear he was failing, the renal disease was more advanced than we knew. We did all we could and ultimately the kindest thing was to let him go peacefully.


We are torn up with grief about this. Our veterinarian Dr. Simmons gave Kobe the best fighting chance but the little guy couldn’t make it.

Thank you to Dr. Simmons & staff at Cumberland for the excellent care since we adopted Kobe 9 years ago.

We’ll miss your smile……….





9 thoughts on “Goodbye Kobe

    • Thank you, Vicki, your comment is MUCH appreciated. We are just raw right now over the loss. Aja seems to be looking for him. She’s 13 so I certainly hope we have her for a bit. Thank you.


    • Katherine it was indeed a tough thing to lose our Kobe. He was a rescue pup and I know we gave him a great 9 years with our family. Thank you very much for your sentiment.


    • Thank you, AGC, I appreciate that very much. So true, it’s never long enough. Still missing him and so is his mate Aja. These fur babies really are part of the family.


  1. So, so sorry. Non pet people don’t understand what it means to lose an animal member of the family. You’re in my thoughts.


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