A New Ride – Harley Tri-Glide!

We had quite a few things in the works this past week during our vacation. Obviously our pup took the wind out of our sails and I wasn’t able to update our vacation as I planned. Let’s talk about something fun now – we could use it.

Check out the new ride 🙂 What a beauty!


Doug started checking on used trikes a while back and a few caught his interest. After much looking (and even visiting a private dealer with a used Goldwing trike) we decided to check on this one at a Jacksonville dealership.

Adamec Harley Davidson in Orange Park, Florida came up with the best price and package for a used trike. This will be the “retirement bike” so to speak. Not a single regret in making the drive to pick this up last Thursday!


We started off from our place around 7 a.m. and arrived at the dealership near 10:00. Once there, Doug was able to test ride and see if this was a good fit. Obviously it was and let me say, dealing with Adamec Harley was one of the best experinces we have ever had in any dealership. Car or motorcycle transactions – this one was excellent and the customer service is spot on.


It was decided I should follow Doug home in case he needed to pull off for anything. Water and hydration were concerns as the heat index was well over 100 F in the afternoon. We stopped for lunch at a great little country place off highway 90 near Lake City. Home cooking with crispy fried chicken, corn casserole, veggies and homemade desserts. Hydrate and stretch before gearing up and heading back down the road.


That stretch of road was brutal. So much traffic and stop and go. There was construction and lots of sitting. I am in the air conditioned car feeling very sorry for my husband wearing his jacket, helmet and gloves as he sat on hot asphalt, waiting for lights to change. We finally decided to get back on the interstate and just get home quicker.


Since we’ve had this trike home we’ve been out as much as possible for errands and a dinner date with the kids. Tristan is happy for us to be riding with him again too. We all missed that. It’s been a year since Doug sold his Road King and that was a good enough break to see if he missed it.

Sunday we rode with Tristan and his wife, stopping at the Apalachee Diner for breakfast. This has been a blast and I’m so glad he got another bike! Look for more “ride to eat” posts soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “A New Ride – Harley Tri-Glide!

  1. I love it! Can’t wait to see more posts!

    My husband and I always wanted to buy a motorcycle adapted for a wheelchair sidecar, but never did. We both used to ride a motorcycle before we met (and he had his accident), and we both missed it.


    • Well I will be happy to share any of our experiences, Vicki & we used to ride to eat so, I will probably gain weight!
      I had a little motorcycle when I met my husband & we enjoyed his Road King & Spirtster for years.

      A sidecar adaption would have been cool. I looked at a Royal Enfield years back.


  2. How fun!!!! One year my husband and I (still in our 20s) took his mother’s trike up to Arkansas. It was my first long-distance trip ON a bike (rather than trailering) and we absolutely loved it…the comfort really can’t be beat. But yes…sitting in the heat on the back of a bike isn’t all that fun.

    Hope you can squeeze in some other great rides this summer!


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