Delicious! by Ruth Reichl wasn’t my cuppa tea

deliciousI have read quite a few of Ruth Reichl’s books and enjoyed them. This one just didn’t grab me.

There were great descriptions of food in this fictional foodie memoir and of course the recipes included are always appreciated. The characters just didn’t come to life for me. They were faded and I never got lost in the storyline, rather I realized I was reading a story. Does that make sense? Hard to describe it other than use the analogy of watching a good quality program and getting caught up in the events and people as opposed being aware the actors are acting out the parts.

Billie Breslin, our main character, goes through her life mourning the death of her sister. This overshadows all she does and after a bit….it just got old.

Billie spurned her talent for baking after suffering a tragedy in her life. Then she goes off and works for a food magazine…..this seems to be an unlikely scenario. As did the “my Fair Lady” transformation from dumpy girl to a glamorous woman.

My favorite parts were the letters between Lulu and James Beard during WW II. The author gave great detail of what life was like during WW II in small town USA. I wish there had been more of that in addition to the main characters (in present time) being fleshed out.

I will read more of Reichl’s books, the foodie memoirs, but pass on her fiction publications.


3 thoughts on “Delicious! by Ruth Reichl wasn’t my cuppa tea

  1. This is the July book pick for The Kitchen Reader, but I’m not sure I want to read it after reading your review. I don’t think I could handle the whole mourning aspect as I’m doing enough of that myself. Thanks for the review! It saved me from reading a book that would have been a downer for me.


  2. To be honest despite loving her memoirs this book never really grabbed me. I’d see some positive reviews so I was thinking about reconsidering but I think I’m okay giving this one a miss. Thanks for sharing! I know just what you mean about always being aware you’re reading a story. I don’t exactly know why that happens sometimes but it always takes my enjoyment of the book down a little.


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