Bad Storms and Kobe’s Ashes

We were hit with very bad storms recently and lost electricity. The actual amount of rain we received the other evening wasn’t all that much but the winds were in excess of 65 mph. That’s tropical storm weather! Our electric went out near 6 PM before we could heat some dinner.

After waiting around for an hour it was evident we were not going to get it back anytime soon. We went out and grabbed some Chinese takeaway and ate it by candlelight. A little bit of Rose went well. A cold beverage was very welcome with the steadily escalating heat within the house.

While the candlelit dinner was very nice as I was in good company, sitting around in the dark sucked. Doug lit a lantern and we were able to is read for quite a bit before resigning ourselves to an uncomfortable night without air conditioning or a fan. We finally had the electric restored at 5:30 a.m. and cranked the AC up immediately.

Some folks in the Tallahassee area are still without electricity and I sure do feel for them. Power poles were snapped and from what I have heard it takes 4 hours just to install a new one. Right now it’s raining. Again. We were hoping to take Aja out for a ride but that would be fruitless right this minute.

Aja is adjusting to Kobe being gone now. She is still sulky about going in the backyard and lounging about as she used to. They always sat together. This is an older photo of her, smiling and happy. She is steadily returning to her old self.

Kobe’s cremated remains were returned to us today. He was cremated at Pet Angel Memorial Center. They sent his remains back in a plastic bag which was inside a nice velvet bag. This is contained in a cherry stained box. It came with a certificate, which upon reading it made me cry all over again!

It’s closure for us though, just as burying a pet would be. The finality and having him back is good.

Honestly, as much as we both love dogs and the fact that I have never been without a dog in my life would make it hard not to have one in the house…..but after Aja is gone (and I do not like to even think about that day) I don’t know if we can put ourselves through this grief again.
People who have pets get it – they are part of the family. But they are with us for such a short period of time. I just don’t think I can do this again.

My next post won’t be as melancholy. I just had to share a little bit of our day today. I hope things are going well in your world.



4 thoughts on “Bad Storms and Kobe’s Ashes

  1. We’ve been having regular storms and our electricity going out too. Not fun at all!

    I’ve always had a dog too, but when it’s Patches time to go I don’t want another one. It hurts too much to lose them. I’ve thought about cremation but haven’t really made up my mind.



    • It rains here quite a bit in the summer and that can hamper plans but the garden loves it. If it’s not severe storms, that is.

      Yeah, the heartbreak over losing a pet is tough. We wanted to go a while after our chow mix old girl died. She was a rescue and we had her 12 years. But we only lasted 3omths before we went to pet adoption and got Kobe. Must be stronger this time!


  2. I am so sorry about your loss, dear Tina. Beloved pets will always be remembered. I am a cat person & my parents always have had cats. Now, the beloved cat is gone to heaven & we still miss her deeply. xxx


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