I read Secrets of the Lighthouse for the British Book Challenge

lighthouseSanta Montefiore is another British author I have recently discovered. While I don’t usually grab a chick-lit genre it does have its appeal every so often. To be honest, I wouldn’t classify this book as chick-lit or a beach read……but as there was some predictable romance in it, it is surely a book that appeals to females.

The venue is Ireland and I loved it. Such descriptive writing and fleshing out of the characters – I could see Ellen, Caitlin, Aunt Peg and Connor. The scenery and people came alive and I wished I were sitting at The Pot of Gold having a Guinness with the Byrne clan. As you read on you’ll find plenty of surprises revealed about relationships, some a bit predictable but others you may not see coming.

Ellen Trawton is our main character. She doesn’t fit in with her family in London and decides to run off to Ireland to stay with her Aunt Peg, Thing is, she has never met her aunt and only knows about her because Peg sends holiday cards every year. Her stuffy, aristocratic mother tosses them in a drawer every year and Ellen would secretly read them. What a shock it is to meet her aunt. While her mother gets her hair done three times a week, has polished nails, an elegant style and posh London way of speaking her aunt is the exact opposite. Aunt Peg comes to meet Ellen at the airport in muddied boots, graying hair sticking out at all angles and driving a beat up car. When Ellen arrives at her aunt’s home she is met by a small pig who sleeps in the kitchen by the hearth, a crow who perches on the back of Peg’s chair, a dog and many farm animals.

To further knock Ellen off her feet she discovers she has uncles. How could her mother hide this large family from her? What happened to Ellen’s mother and her family that a rift this large could come between them for over 30 years? You will discover that answer as you read on.

There is an old ruined lighthouse with a good story attached to it, hence the title of the book. Caitlin is another main character. She is a beautiful but jealous ghost. No one ever sees her but she has her own chapters where she describes her love for her children and her husband, Connor Macausland. It’s been five years since she died, a tragic death falling from the lighthouse and there is rumor her husband, Connor, may have killed her. Or did she commit suicide or was the fall accidental? This is all revealed as you get closer to the end of this book.

There are some predictable turns in the book but nothing that ruins the story. If you love reading books with Ireland as the backdrop you will enjoy this book.

Simple pub grub here. Sausages with potatoes, mushrooms and onions. If we were to go to the Pot of Gold this may be on the menu and we could hoist a Guinness with Dylan and the Byrne crowd. Sadly my bangers and mash don’t look like they did when I visited England or Ireland. It was still good.


Adding my review to Goodreads, The British Book Challenge and Beth Fish Reads for her Weekend Cooking Series.

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21 thoughts on “I read Secrets of the Lighthouse for the British Book Challenge

  1. I love the cover and the books sounds really good! I especially like that it takes place in Ireland since that’s where my mother’s ancestors came from.

    I’ve had a bangers and mash recipe for a while and have been meaning to make it and post for the British challenge, but I keep getting sidetracked. I’ll add it to my phone notes now so I can make it soon.


    • This is my second book from this author and I like what iI’ve read so far. I love Ireland too so descriptive books with that setting really appeal to me.


  2. That sounds like an interesting read. I have read so many of the more classic British authors, but very few of contemporary ones. Maybe this is a good place to start! And the bangers and mash still look delicious 🙂


  3. When we went to Ireland a few years ago my husband was in hog heaven. He loves meat and potatoes. I enjoy it as much as the next person, but by the end of the trip I was craving a nice crisp salad (and I don’t eat salad!). Though I could do with a bowl of bangers and mash today!


  4. Pub grub. Ohhhhhh yummmmm. I’ve had this book on my list for a while because I love the Irish setting. I can live with some predictability in my books.

    I was off the grid this weekend (camping) so that’s why I’m late coming around.


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