In Wilderness by Diane Thomas

wilderness This is a hard book to review. It was weird, in my humble opinion, and I had trouble connecting to the characters. The description of the book in the jacket didn’t quite cover all that was going on with these characters. From what I read prior to receiving the book the main female character, Katherine, goes off the grid to a remote cabin with little more than some field guides, a frying pan, a gun and seeds. Was she a survivalist, turning her back on modern civilization? That’s what I I thought prior to reading the book. There will be a male character introduced, Danny, who watches her and one day…they meet up.

As you are moving through the first few chapters you learn Katherine went off to the woods to die. She has a disease which cannot be diagnosed back in the 1960s. You read how her husband left her after their baby died and he learned of her illness. After reading the reasons why she left her city home and conveniences it was clear this story line was something more than described in the book jacket or on LibraryThing.

After she is in the woods and eating healthier and more natural foods she seems to improve. I wondered if she didn’t have Celiac disease but it does mention her eating rice so…who knows what was wrong with her. The man watching her is a Vietnam vet, a 20 year old hillbilly basically who is squatting on the land, living remotely as Katherine had intended. A very weird sexual relationship forms with 38 year old Katherine and 20 year old Danny.

As Katherine said in the later part of the book, if she were to meet him under any other circumstances she probably wouldn’t have had much to do with him, Nothing in common, the age difference and cultural gap. But they do hook up and Katherine, for whatever reason, allows him to bully her on a regular basis. It’s not a healthy relationship.

This is very descriptive writing and I will give the author an A+ for that but this wasn’t my cuppa tea.

I received a complimentary copy of this book as an Early Reviewer winner from LibraryThing.

4 thoughts on “In Wilderness by Diane Thomas

    • the writing is good yet I couldn’t connect, weird how that works. I’m not sure I would try another of her books. Well, if the description really grabbed me I would. I guess.


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