Straight Up Tasty, Straight up Fun Book!

tastyThis is a well-organized cookbook with lots of great photos. I like how the author writes as I imagine he speaks. It was like reading a conversation. We don’t have TV feed so I have never seen this show but I am impressed by the book. Of all the recipes listed I will certainly be making the Stuffed Pita with lamb and onions as well as the salmon dip. The KFJ casserole is intriguing too.

There are little boxes located or paired with some recipes suggesting where to find, as an example, a great burger. He lists the name and location such as:
In-n-Out Burger, various locations
Le Tub, Hollywood Florida

Check out this amusing yet informative page. Cooking Prep in Haiku. How creative!


Know what saute mean?
High heat – fry with little fat
In French, it means “jump”

If we stay somewhere with cable or satellite I will check on his television show. It would be fun to hear him and watch him cook.

* I received this book from the Blogging for Books Program. All opinions, nice or not-so-nice, are my own. 🙂


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