Seven Spoons is a very pretty cookbook

I have to admit the cover of this cookbook grabbed my attention first. It’s beautiful, it’s a crisp photo and makes you want to know what sort of recipes are contained in this cookbook. Before perusing it, I was not aware there was a blog by the same name. I have since gone and checked out her website, it’s very pretty and well organized.

This hardcover gem is packed with lots of good photos. You can just turn pages and give in to the visual pleasure of looking at food, beautifully plated I may add.

The conversational tone introducing you to each recipe is inviting and easy to read. More like reading a friends excellent journal than looking through a cookbook by a stranger. Does that make sense? The introduction gives insight to Tara O’Brady’s early life, how she met her husband and her food journey.

There is a good deal of talk about stocking your pantry, cookware, tips and techniques for recipes.

It’s set up as most cookbooks with divisions for breakfast, soups, snacks and suppers, etc.


There were some specialty items which I would find hard to obtain or it just wouldn’t fit my budget. Some recipes were lengthy with the number of ingredients you’d need. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s a con for me for this particular book.

The writing is awfully small and that may sound like I am being picky, but my eyes aren’t the greatest! I don’t require large print books or anything like that but the font used was particularly small, especially if I were to prop this book on the counter to follow a recipe.

Overall this is a lovely book but not one I would keep as a go-to for meal rotations and planning.

More Information on this book HERE
Author Bio

* I received this book from the Blogging for Books Program. All opinions, nice or not-so-nice, are my own. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Seven Spoons is a very pretty cookbook

  1. I’m a little concerned about the print as well. I normally have cookbooks on a stand across the counter and constantly having to go up close to read it would be a problem. I looked at this one and while it’s gorgeous I wasn’t sure how much I would really use the recipes so I decided to pass. Sounds like I made the right decision though I might get it from the library to look at the pictures!


    • If you can get this from the library I think you’d like flipping through it. Speaking of font, the font on my blog here is as large as I can get it, wish I could make it bigger 😳


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