Fried Chicken – A Cookbook filled with Comfort Food


I am a sucker for fried chicken but rarely eat it. It’s so tasty….but I have to keep health issues in mind so….if I am going to indulge, go all out, right?! This isn’t a great opener to review a cookbook but c’mon….as responsible adults we know fried food doesn’t need to be on the menu every week.

Fried chicken is a comfort food for me. If it’s done correctly it’s moist, flavorful and you eat more than you should. This book is dedicated to lovely fried chicken ……mmmmmmmmmm.

Chicken and waffles has become very popular lately, have you noticed that? First time I ever heard of it was at Ft Stewart Army post and now I see it in frozen sections at Costco and on menus. The version in this book doesn’t use frozen waffles, you make them from scratch. I’ve never tried that combo but I am always willing to try something once.

This cookbook has great photos that accompany most of the recipes. Gets your mouth watering. The Mexican-Lime Fried Chicken Tacos are certainly on my wish list. There are several traditional type chicken recipes but there are also a good sampling of Indian, Asian and Spanish takes on this traditional Southern fare. Included are recipes for condiments, sauces and side dishes.

Overall I would give this specialty cookbook an A+

More information HERE

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. All opinions, nice and no-so-nice are my own 🙂


12 thoughts on “Fried Chicken – A Cookbook filled with Comfort Food

  1. Another fried chicken fan who rarely eats it! I love it but don’t want to make it myself. It’s definitely a treat when I do have it though. The Chicken and waffle thing does seem to have come out of nowhere. I’ve had it a few places and while it’s not something I’d want everyday when well done it is pretty tasty!


  2. Fried chicken is a tough one for me. The Hubs loves it, but I just can’t make a good batch. I can’t live up in my own mind to my grandmother’s.


  3. I love fried chicken but don’t really get the chicken and waffles combo myself. I was just down south and eating out so I probably used up my quota of fried food for a while :). I used to make waffles for breakfast a lot when my kids were young. I picked up a waffle iron really cheap and now they are all non stick so the clean up is really easy. Haven’t done that in a while though.


    • I don’t know where the chicken and waffles came from either. I’m not combining it, that’s all there is to it. Mmmm…love fresh waffles. I like pancakes better but I sure do love a waffle.


  4. I love fried chicken but I never make it at home – I’m just not good at it. Maybe I should pick this cookbook up, maybe it will have a recipe that I can actually manage.


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