Reading Goals for 2016


For this upcoming year I want to read as many of the Jack Reacher and DCI Banks series as I can. A lofty goal and one that would certainly fit in with the British Reading Challenge.

One of my favorite authors, Peter Robinson, has written 22 books in the DCI Banks series. So far I have read half of the books so I’d need to get another 11 read to finish the published series. Before 2015 is out I am planning to read at least one more of his novels.


Doug has read all of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series and has enjoyed them. What I am hearing from so many people who like thrillers is, “If you haven’t read Reacher why are you reading anything else?”

There are currently 20 books in that series.


That puts me at a goal of 31 books for 2016. I think I can do it. Additionally, there are certainly other authors I will read if they publish a new novel. Tana French, Kate Morton, Diana Gabaldon and Edward Rutherfurd are always on my radar.

I am not limiting myself to only those authors but I would like to give it a shot at reading as much of their work as I can next year. We’ll see how it works out time wise. Anyone else participating in reading challenges? I am open to suggestions if you’d like to share. If any of my bookworm friends have their reading lists ready I would love to hear about them!


Happy reading, my friends.

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12 thoughts on “Reading Goals for 2016

  1. Ha! You’re “always on my radar list” is so right on! I too was thinking it was high time to catch up on some of my beloved series I let slip in the past couple of years. Great goal.


  2. I have so many books on my radar! This is a good goal, one of mine is to read all of Joshilyn Jackson’s books. I have all of them except the one coming out in Feb. I just started my first one, Someone Else’s Love Story through a read-a- long she’s having.


    • I don’t know why I will neglect my favorites. Maybe because they have so many books in the series when I started. I Know if Tana French came out with a new book is jump right on it.


  3. My husband who loves John Standford, Grisham and all those guys just recently tuned in to Reacher —I think it was after we saw the awesome Tom Cruise movie—and is busy reading every single one of the Jack Reacher books now. One of my blogs is about movies based on books; trying to stay up to date on that is all the challenge I can handle. I just started Rosalie Hams The Dressmaker which was adapted for the screen with Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth so that’s my current read.

    Btw, thanks for the sweet and supportive comment on my blogpost about the Star and Garter! Very much appreciated.


    • It was a pleasure reading your blog and I will pop by your other site too.
      My husband wasn’t as thrilled with the Reacher movie as Reacher is described as 6 ft 5, big and broad shouldered and blonde. But the books are apparently good escapist thriller reads!


    • I will check it out, Joy. Once I loaned my Tana French mysteries he told me Lee Child was low brow compared to her writing.
      I would have included her books in the British Isles Friday but it’s set in Ireland, not Northern Ireland.


  4. I’d love to read both of these authors! I’m not joining reading challenges this year because I haven’t done very well at them the last couple of years so I thought I’d use 2016 to regroup. We’ll see how this works! I haven’t set my goals yet for 2016 but I’ve got a few ideas kicking around in my brain. Hopefully I get them thought out BEFORE the year actually starts!


    • FYI can mak our own personal goals and not join in on anything online. That’s what I am doing with these series. Although they do fit in with the British Book Challenge☺️


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