James Herriot’s Dog Stories

dogstoriesIf you are a fan of animal stories you really need to read a few James Herriot stories. I have read all that he’s published including a biography about him, penned by his son.

Obviously I am a big fan. So much so that we named our son after one of the characters in his series of books. Tristan is a great name and you couldn’t beat a story with Tristan starring in it as a mischievous and entertaining character.

This small book titled Dog Stories focuses only on the canine stories about clients and pets Herriot had pleasure to enjoy. His other books feature all manner of livestock, dogs, cats and birds. Dogs hold a special place in my heart. While I have owned numerous pets (dogs, cats, gerbils, guinea pigs, and the lot) dogs offer a special bond and affection I have not felt with any other pet.

Herriot’s chatty style regarding his clients makes you feel you are reading a letter from family, regaling you of Tricki Woo’s latest exploits of suffering Crack Dog and Flop-Butt. The dog stories are about privileged and spoiled little creatures such as Tricki and those of a vagrant’s dog, each held dear to their owners. You have the added bonus of hearing about the Yorkshire countryside and the trials of being a country veterinarian.

This is the last book in the What’s In a Name book challenge for 2015. It was enjoyable reading this book as it was the other categories in this challenge.


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