Giada’s Happy Cooking …..not my favorite of her many cookbooks


This latest Giada book is just….ok.

I hate to say that because there are some great recipes in there but some things just didn’t make me happy. The photography is great, that is one of my positives.

Best to list them out, the pros and cons in my humble opinion Let’s start with Cons because I don’t like ending a review on negative note.

Small print. The text is small enough that I found myself staring hard at the page. Maybe it’s just my old eyes but other cookbooks don’t use that small text. That bothered me.

Food photos are not numerous but there are ample photos of Giada. Why not make the food the focus and use a larger photo. I don’t need to see larger photos of Giada smiling or talking a bit from a sandwich.

Too. Much. Kale. I know, I know, it’s healthy and trendy and everywhere these days. What is that about? If you love kale, good for you. I’m not a fan so when I see it crammed into recipes where, in my personal opinion, it doesn’t belong…that’s a detraction for me. She puts kale in lasagna. That’s just wrong.

Recipe Repeat. There are lots of recipes in here that are in previous books and her online magazine.

The mini eggplant parm is begging for me to make it. I love eggplant and this looks like a good recipe.

Well labeled for Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.

I was given this book through the Blogging for Books program and happy to have gotten it free of charge. This would be one I would have been happy to check out of the library, peruse and return. I have to say I would be disappointed if I’d parted with money for this Giada cookbook.

Sorry Giada! I like most of your other cookbooks but this one fell flat for me.


4 thoughts on “Giada’s Happy Cooking …..not my favorite of her many cookbooks

  1. I’ve been less then impressed with quite a few of Giada’s recipes so I wasn’t running out to get this and after your review I definitely won’t be buying it. I’m not a fan of kale either and the idea of recipe repeat is annoying. Plus, how many pictures of Giada do I really need to see? Great review!


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