#OneWord: Responsibility


Last week I was catching up on the events at Still Unfinished, one of the regular sites I keep up with. When I saw his post about One Word, a word to motivate and capture your goals for the upcoming year, I thought that was a great idea. Bryan’s word is Reinvigorate. Read his post to learn more about his thoughts on #One Word and 2016 HERE

This had me thinking about goals and resolutions I have made over the years past. So what one word would I select to cover my goals? After thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year and thinking about some mistakes I made last year, I decided my word is Responsibility.

This will be more of a mantra for me and I can tell you, so far it’s helped me make a few good decisions. Responsibility where finances are concerned fits right in….something I have been horrible about this past year. Where I would have whipped out a credit card and charged something I bought recently, I thought about being responsible and paid cash. That sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately for me, last year’s word must have been Excess or Indulgence. Things have to change or I will never retire! This sets me on the road to Responsibity this year in hopes it leads to better decision making.


* Fiduciary Responsibility
I am going to stop giving in to instant gratification. I’d like retirement to happen on schedule rather than working longer to pay down debt (House, car, trike…)

* Setting an example
Let me set a good example for my son and be a positive partner with my husband regarding spending. If the kids were short on gas, I’d charge it. It would have been better to say I can give you $10 toward gas and you better start planning you budget accordingly. Stuff like this……

* Be Responsible for your Actions
This weekend past I cut up my credit card. It lifted a weight off my shoulders.

* Exercising
Let me take a more aggressive role in getting my body in better shape. I’m very passive about exercise. We like to walk and it’s been hard to do that when the mornings are dark.

This isn’t only about being responsible financially and exercising. I want to make better decisions all around. Finances are just one part of it. Taking better care of my body by exercising and eating well fits right in.

I’m glad I saw that post at Still Unfinished because it got me thinking about the near future and evaluate some things that need to change.

What are your goals for the this year? Sometimes all we can do is baby step our way to a better life. I am ready to get on with that and make life better.


12 thoughts on “#OneWord: Responsibility

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  2. I’m glad that I could inspire you as a much as so many others have inspired me with their One Words. Now the key will be holding each other accountable for for the rest of the year. I guess I we’ll have to be responsible 🙂 in that regard.


    • Thank you, Bryan. I was thinking of putting a blog role on my sidebar with the One Wird links you have. It will make it easier for me to check in. I love the #OneWord concept.


  3. Great word and good thoughts about it for you.

    You can do it!!

    Happy New Year!!

    Mine is: NO

    I need to learn to say NO. I haven’t made it official, though, or not sure it is a good word, but I do need to stop overextending myself.


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