Organizing books in Goodreads

In a previous post I talked about organizing and cleaning up. I took that to heart recently with Goodreads after getting an email alert regarding a book on my To-Read Shelf. It’s being offered up in a giveaway. A chance at a free book – yea!

Of course I clicked on the link so I could enter and looked at the description of the book. For some reason, this book was on my list to read and I honestly can’t tell you why. As I read the description it seemed like a depressing story where women were abducted, held hostage and I’m sure have unspeakable acts done to them either physiologically or physically or both. WTF? I don’t go in for that type lit and I’m perplexed how or why it ended up on my To-Read Shelf.

So….the big cleanup in January 2016.

When I started there were 268 books on my To Read shelf. I have books in many categories such as mysteries, police procedurals, memoirs, a few chick-lit, cookbooks and lots of books set in Ireland and England.

Some were duplicates (I guess where I entered to win a few times), some I had already read (I didn’t know the status wouldn’t automatically change from want-to-read to read and some were titles I am no longer interested in. When I was done I had 195 books on my list. Not bad, culling out 73 books on the list.

Next I sorted by author name and printed the list for reference this year.


In spite of my reading goal for the rest of the DCI Banks series and the Jack Reacher series, I’m wondering how many of those 195 titles I can knock out in 2016. It’s worth tracking……I’m a big fan of lists and tracking so, this will be fun for me. Obviously there are some DCI Banks’ books among the 195 titles so that will get sorted on the forefront.

When I stop and think about all those titles as well as the books already stacked in the house, not to mention the new books published this year that I just have to have – it would take years to put a dent in those groups. Makes me sad to know I can’t read all the books I want to before I die. Guess that’s every bookworm’s situation. Huh.

Just some thoughts on reading, books and my Goodreads account. I am doing better at organizing this year…so far.

Happy reading, my friends!


4 thoughts on “Organizing books in Goodreads

    • It’s inevitable I guess, there will always be books sitting around. I better select wisely!
      Debbie, if you go to your to-read listings you should sort by author then you’ll identify the duplicates easier. There is a X on the far right of the book title to delete.


    • Debbie, click on your “to read” shelf, then on the left sidebar there is a link that says “find duplicates”. Click on that and it should show you your duplicates.


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