One blog to rule them all….I guess..

This is clearly my bookish site to talk reviews, upcoming publications and post about reading challenges. Last year I wanted to combine this site with my foodie blog Squirrel Head Manor. They are so different and I am so attached to both sites that….I can’t pull the plug on one over the other. I want to…..but…yeah…..I keep writing on both and that’s fine.


If you like meal planning, motorcycle excursions, movies and the occasional talk about exercise and wine reviews……that’s at Squirrel Head Manor.

I very much admire sites like The Friday Friends and Still Unfinished and Books, Lists, Life….just to name a few…..because they combine it all. All the subjects under one handy dandy web address. J

Anyway, without getting long winded, just wanted to state that my threat months back to combine sites isn’t a happening thing. One Blogspot site and one WordPress site.

That’s it. Just felt like updating my current thoughts…..


2 thoughts on “One blog to rule them all….I guess..

  1. I used to have two blogs. One for books and one for photos, recipes, memes etc. But I decided long ago to combine them. For me one is easier, but some bloggers find it better to have two, or lots of them (and I’m not talking about Laurel-Rain Snow…oh who am I kidding, yes I am :).

    I’ve been following both your blogs forever, and I don’t mind when bloggers have more than one.


    • Thank you, Vicki, I very much appreciate that. Part of the reason to combine was convenience of one format. I love WordPress more but I have a sentimental attachment to Squirrel Head Manor.


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