Alan Rickman, you’ll be missed

I was saddened to hear of Alan Rickman’s death today. He was an amazing actor. What a smooth voice, you could recognize him if you heard him delivering a performance without laying eyes on him.

I’ve loved him in Love Actually, despite being such a dog to Emma Thompson. He was magnificent in the Harry Potter movies, can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Severus Snape.


I just read that J.K. Rowling told him Severus Snape’s character was in love with Lily Potter at the beginning of filming the series. None of the other cast or production members knew this, causing them to ask why he played the role or delivered a line the way he had. He merely replied, “I know something you don’t know.” To see Harry brought back his memories of Lily and how he loved her.

He played a pretty good wine snob in Bottleshock and was the perfect voice of the Blue Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. Too many good roles to list but for a complete list of the productions he’s starred in check out IMDB


I saw in this article HERE that Rickman married his girlfriend of 50 years very recently. Perhaps he knew he was ill and for whatever reason, made it a legally binding relationship. They met when they were 19 and 18 and have been together all this time. A true love story.

The world has lost a great actor.

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
February 21, 1946 – Hammersmith, London, England
January 14, 2016 – London England


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7 thoughts on “Alan Rickman, you’ll be missed

  1. This made me sadder than I expected. He’s so iconic in the roles that he played that it’s hard to imagine he won’t be available to invent more roles in the future.


  2. Nice tribute, Tina! His death really broke me up, and like you, I loved him in Love Actually. I read that about his girlfriend as well, I think you’re right, he must have known something was up! I never met him but I did go to the premiere of his first movie, DieHard, which I wrote about here:
    For British Isles Friday I wrote about Horniman’s Museum in London.


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